Meet the Artist: Emily Miller- “Femily Killer”

We did a special interview with local visual  artist, Emily Miller. Her prints are now for sale at Ramblin Rose, so be sure to check them out…


“tell us about your statement as an artist”

My artist statement is formally titled “Britney Spears and My Own Narcissism.” Essentially, it describes my experience growing up as a middle-class white girl in the 90’s. So many weird cultural things began to happen when I was little: the Internet became accessible, girl power became a popular trend, and advertisers pointed all of their ammunition at America’s youth to form a crazy and influential clusterfuck of Pop Culture. My statement describes how this cultural climate influenced the millennial generation, especially from a female perspective. I love millennials. We’re the narcissists of the world, yet we’re also exceedingly optimistic about life. I think it’s an exciting time to be young.

My artist statement functions as a jumping-off point for making new work. Whenever I make something new, I come back to this concept. Generally, the resulting work sits at a crossroad between Femininity/Third Wave Feminism, Marketing, and the Internet.

“what did you find valuable about graduating college?”

What I found the most valuable about college was engaging in thoughtful conversation. My number-one goal, for as long as I can remember, was to go to college. I’ve always loved learning, and I would leave each lecture feeling really inspired. No matter what the topic was. Towards the end of my four years, I found that ideas I would learn about in one class would coalesce with ideas from a class centering on a completely different subject. Art and Science are connected. Music and Math. Everything is connected.

I’m going to miss it.

“where is your studio and what fills your day?”

My studio is located at Soft Water Studios in the Warehouse Arts District. It’s down the street from the St. Petersburg Clay Company. My day centers around going to the studio and finishing as much work as possible: this could mean ideating, painting, or drawing. Right now, my work is limited to two dimensions because I don’t have access to a shop. It’s been a nice change of pace though, as I’ve spent the past four years focusing on three-dimensional work.

“are you single?”

The answer to this question has changed way too many times in the past couple of months. My honest answer is that I’m not really sure. I’d prefer to stay in the gray area and say “maybe.”


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