I am Choice Event at Ramblin Rose- Statement and Details

Ramblin’ Rose Upcycle is proud to announce we have teamed up with I Am Choice – a local issues campaign dedicated to promoting gender and human equality through education, media and visual campaigns – to present a First Friday Art Block Party for CHOICE with live music, art, and more at our shop at 683 Central Avenue on Friday August 3rd.
Florida has introduced Ammendment 6 to the ballot this November, which threatens to take away privacy rights for women and women’s health pertaining to abortion, bans private health insurance policies for paying for abortions for public employees, enables previous decisions made in Florida courts protecting women’s right to be overturned, and further restricts women’s access to end of pregnancy medical procedures.
To take a stand against this legislature that threatens to take women’s health back 40 years, Ramblin’ Rose cordially invites our friends, customers and community to join us in rallying for this important issue, because every woman deserves the right to be in control of her own body, to choose when she is emotionally and financially ready to have a child, and to privacy regarding these choices.
This is an important issue to us as young women and we hope you will join us and invite your friends!


3 thoughts on “I am Choice Event at Ramblin Rose- Statement and Details

  1. Thank you for STANDING FOR RIGHTS and supporting I Am Choice. I am glad you are co-hosting this event with us. Looking forward to it…its going to be lots of fun 🙂

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